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There’s a general belief that people resist change when, in reality, mostly what we resist is loss.  If you win $9 million in the Lottery, that would definitely change your life.  But you would not say, “Oh no, I’m not comfortable with change.  You give that money to someone else!”   

So, really, it’s ‘loss’ that we resist…

  • Loss of money.
  • Loss of health or life.
  • Loss of prestige or position (feeling special).
  • Loss of time.
  • Loss of freedom, choice or control.
  • Loss of feeling ‘safe’ or comfortable.
  • Loss of love or friendship.

On the other hand, most of us would enthusiastically embrace getting more of any of these.  So, when introducing ‘change’ into any part of your business, how can you use this simple insight to communicate it as a gain…not as a loss.

If the change being introduced is a ‘loss’ to some people on your team, understand what that loss is, how it feels to them…and then be supportive and respectful. 

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