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Each year the March issue of Fortune Magazine lists their ‘100 Best Companies To Work For In America’.  Buy it, study the entire report, make a list of what these top employers do to attract, engage and retain top talent.  Then use that list to get inspired as to how you will improve your own culture and employment experience.  Remember, the best people have to work for someone …it’s just that you have to deserve them.

Just to show you how intensely competitive the battle to attract, engage and retain top talent really is, this year’s top 100 best employers currently have a total of 160,288 job openings. That’s an average of 1,600 unfilled positions per company…and they’re the very best places to work in America.  So, if you’re just a “not bad” place to work, what are the odds that you’re going to attract any top performers?  And remember, you can’t become a 1st rate business by hiring 3rd rate people.

It isn’t all about ‘perks, training and pay’…it’s also about your management ability, passion, joy, integrity, humanity and example as a leader.  Perhaps you can’t off lots of perks like big companies can…but these you can offer. 

So, how must you evolve as a leader to deserve, guide and coach the people you need?  Do you have the guts to sit down with your team and ask them for their input on this?   To rate your leadership ability, access our Business Tool #A-9 by clicking on this link.

So, what specific actions will you take to be the employer of choice for the top performers in your market…and when will you start?  

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