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Put knowledgeable and passionate people in charge of every part of your business, get out of their way, thank and reward them…and watch your business grow.  See the two examples below…

  1. Dahlgren’s Building Supplies in St. Helens, Oregon also sells horse and other feed to local hobby farmers.  Feed sales were ‘OK’…but not spectacular until they put a lady in charge of that department who loves horses, shows her horses, is passionate about animal health, and knows all the other horsey people in the area.

    Sales have quadrupled.  Plus, sales in other departments have improved, as overall store traffic has increased.

  1. A Canadian Tire store in the Toronto area (for our many non-Canadian readers, ‘Canadian Tire is an iconic auto supplies, hardware, housewares, sporting goods and home and garden big box retailer) suffered with a badly under-performing Garden Centre. They hired a passionate and knowledgeable master gardener with some business experience and left her alone to triple their business and the bottom line…in one season.

    But then the store owner decided to 2nd guess and micro-manage her purchases, her payroll number and her merchandising decisions.  She quit and the Garden Centre sales went into the dump.

    So, in every part of your business, are you looking for talent and passion…or are you settling for ‘bodies’?    We become what we hire.    

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