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One of the most popular of all Christmas carols starts with the words, “Joy to the world”.  This is a concept that’s way too important to be on our lips and in our hearts for only three weeks each year.  The world and everyone in it needs ‘joy’ all year long.

How do we deliver joy in business?  We add it to every transaction and every interaction.  Whatever you sell, people come to you for that…plus joy.  They want groceries…plus joy.  Accounting or legal services…plus joy.  Financial services…plus joy.  Auto parts…plus joy.  A new TV…plus joy!  

#1:  First off, joy begins with you.  As a business owner, leader or manager, you are the source of joy and passion in your business or department.  If the lights are out on the front porch of your life, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll brighten the way for anyone else.

#2:  Next, hire joyful people. Bless you if you think that you can take sad, small-hearted people and somehow transform them into joyful people.  That happens in Disney movies, but hardly ever in real life.  So, hire people who are joyful by nature, and create a culture of communication and appreciation that keeps them that way.

Sandra Wilson, founder of children’s footwear manufacturer Robeez Footwear in British Columbia, Canada, says, “If you’re not prepared to do the chicken dance, you can’t work here.”  In other words, she doesn’t want staff who can’t or won’t be joyful.  By creating a culture of joy, Sandra reduced staff turnover by 50% while growing her business to the point where she sold it for over $30 million.

#3:  Finally, create rituals of joy.  Encourage joyfulness. Joy reduces stress and builds engagement. Create contests, celebrations, rewards, events and activities throughout the year that energize, uplift and encourage. Take a calendar and mark on it each day of the year that you could do something joyful …and then do it!

So, what will you do, starting right now, to make your business more joyful in 2019 for your team, for your customers…and for yourself?

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