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Motivational speakers tell us that we should “Never give up…believe in your dreams!”   They remind us of famous business people, politicians, athletes, musicians and others who overcame great odds to, ultimately, succeed.  But here’s the truth.  There is a time to give up, to learn from our mistakes and move on!  The beginning of wisdom is the recognition of reality.

‘Wisdom’ is knowing when to give up and move on. Many future successes are built on past failures. But if we’re not, first, prepared to admit to the failure, we don’t get to move on to the potential success.

There’s a big difference between being a ‘quitter’ and having the wisdom to know when to let go and move on to ‘Plan B’.   Every week I see businesses, all around the world, that are just a bad idea. They’ll never make money and will suck you dry if you let them. The secret is knowing when to let go of a bad idea, an outdated business model, a lousy location, a mediocre product, or a toxic employee that you’ve been trying to ‘rescue’ for the past 7 frustrating years. 

We all need to reinvent our business and ourselves.  To do that we need to let go of the stuff that isn’t working and replace it with better ‘stuff’. So, what’s not working in your business…and your life?  It’s time for a reality check.

Make one list for your business…and one for your life.  Write down what’s not working. What and who are dragging you down? What action is required?  When will you take that action?  Remember, the beginning of wisdom is the recognition of reality.  

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