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Job Descriptions are an important part of creating clear expectations for each person on your Team. The problem is that most Job Descriptions are little more than a list of activities that the employee must perform with no thought to the results or outcomes that we’re looking for.

For this reason, more and more companies are creating ‘Results-based Job Descriptions’…and many of them report as much as a 20% increase in productivity. 

Results-based Job Descriptions typically start with a ‘Job Analysis’ including:

Job Analysis:

  1. The overall purpose of the job.
  2. The essential functions of the job (the duties and responsibilities).
  3. The qualifications needed (knowledge, experience, skills, training, certification, personality traits).
  4. Any special requirements (schedules, travel, environmental conditions, physical demands).
  5. Salary range and benefits.

Then, Step #2 is to create a ‘Results-based Job Description’ for each position in your business that first defines what specific results or outcomes are expected and then adds the tasks necessary to accomplish those outcomes.  This new approach will improve and clarify…

  1. Your recruitment process,
  2. Your expectations of each employee,
  3. Their clarity about what their role is…and why it’s important.
  4. Your performance review process.
  5. The overall effectiveness of your business.

There’s lots of great info about creating ‘Results-based Job Descriptions’ on the internet.  What a great project to give to one of your ‘up-and- comers’ to see how they respond to a new challenge. 

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