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Mr. Trump is promising to bring millions of jobs back to America.  This is a hollow promise because the kinds of jobs he’s referring to are quickly being replaced by robotic machines driven by incredible software. 

In the past, manufacturing went to the countries with the lowest wages.  In the future manufacturing will go to the countries with the best robots, software and the most talented engineers.  For a brilliant example, check out the YouTube video of Tesla autos being produced in California:


China is spending $3.5 billion annually on robotics, North America less than $2 billion.  This investment is translating into fewer manufacturing jobs.  Foxconn (China), the world’s 10th largest employer and Apple’s biggest supplier, has already replaced 60,000 workers with robots.

If you have kids in school, encourage them to go into software development or mechanical engineering.  That’s where the future is. If that doesn’t appeal to them, they should learn a trade.  The need for good plumbers, electricians and other trades people will continue for a long time.

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