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Many of my coaching clients (business owners and managers) are hiding from something.  In fact, I guess we’re all hiding from something in one way or another.

Some are hiding from ‘bad news’ by not paying attention to their financial statements, or to new competitors or declining markets. They’re hiding from the truth, they’re in denial…and it will kill them. If you don’t understand your numbers…you don’t understand your business.

Some are hiding from customers, either because they’re shy, they don’t give a dam or they don’t want to hear any negative feedback.

A very clever friend and former client of mine, a manufacturer and distributor selling to independent retailers, devotes 50% of his time to visiting customers to listen, to learn and to thank them. He has appointed himself to be ‘the Chief Listening Officer’ in his business.  

Some are hiding from their employees by hiding in their office all day. They’re what I call ‘the invisible boss’.  If you’re not ‘seen’, your team will assume you don’t care.

That’s just how it works. A big part of your job is to be seen, to be available, to coach, clarify and inspire…and you can’t do any of that by hiding.

Some people use the business to hide from their family, or from the world in general. The business has become their ‘neat fort’ where they feel safe, comfortable and in control. This is a terrible mistake.  We have customers at home too! 

When we listen to our customers, staff, suppliers, and our family, two wonderful things happen.  We learn from them and we honor them.  When we do not listen, we do not learn from them and we dishonor them.  So, what and whom might you hiding from…how will you address that and by when will get started? 

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