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Most of us are not great at every aspect of our job.  Years ago, as an award-winning fashion retailer, we nailed the extraordinary customer service and experience thing and we were brilliant marketers, but I sucked at inventory control and managing stock turns.  We should have achieved 4 to 6 inventory turns every year, but we didn’t…and it hurt our bottom line.

So, whether you’re a sales and marketing professional, or a business owner, leader or manager, what important aspects of your job do you struggle with…and what are you doing about it?   Be honest here.  The beginning of wisdom is the recognition of reality.

Are you studying and focusing on your weak spots, determined to improve, or are you retreating to the safe and comfortable parts of your job?  It’s human nature to retreat to the safe and comfortable, but it doesn’t move the business or your life forward.

If you’re a business owner, leader or manager, hire for your weaknesses.  If you’re not good at the numbers side of the business, admit it and hire someone who is. If technology is not your thing, hire a genius geek and let them work their magic.  It takes guts to hire and empower people who know more about certain stuff than you do, but that’s what great managers and top performers do.

So when will you do this realistic assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and when will you create a plan to improve in those areas, or delegate to a pro?

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