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There’s a big difference between being dependable and being predictable.  ‘Dependable’ means that you don’t let your customers down. ’Predictable’ simply means that you’re boring. You look, sound and act the same as your competitors and do nothing special to delight and amaze your customers and stand out from your competitors.

So, truthfully, what are you doing to delight and amaze your customers?  What is the ‘unexpected’ in your business?  Where’s the WOW?  Simply put, “WOW” is getting more product, more service, more kindness, more of something than you expected.  If they expect it, it ain’t “WOW”.

When our air conditioning installer called at three minutes after 9 AM to say that his crew was running 10 minutes late and would be pulling into our driveway in about 7 minutes…that was totally unexpected.  Most contractors show up 2 days late …and never call.

When we opened our order of Christmas cards and found 4 extra envelopes in each box, in case we made a mistake and spoiled a few, that was unexpected and appreciated.

When the chamber maid at a hotel recently called me by name that was unexpected. As a fashion retailer, some years ago, we invited customers to take as many items in the change room as they wished, we offered unlimited free drinks, massage chairs for husbands, a pirate ship play area for kids and free diapers, wipes and cream for babies in distress…all of which was unexpected.  This is what ‘WOW looks like.

Take a few minutes to sit with your Team and figure out 3 or 4 wonderful ‘unexpected’ “WOW” things that you could do to delight and amaze your customers and clearly differentiate you from your competitors…and then do them!  

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