The real battle in business today is the battle to attract, engage and retain ‘talent’.  So, understanding what employees want most from their boss will be helpful.

According to a recent survey by CIPD, a British HR Association, the following 10 ‘boss behaviors’ are most important. They’re listed in order of importance.  Rate your performance out of 10…with 10 being excellent: 

  1.  Treats me fairly.
  2.  Is open and honest.
  3.  Makes sure I have the resources to do my job.
  4.  Is supportive when I have a problem.
  5.  Is clear about what is expected of me.
  6.  Recognizes when I’ve done a good job.
  7.  Does what they say they will do.
  8.  Makes good decisions.
  9.  Makes me feel that my work matters.
  10.  Keeps me in touch with what’s going on.

How will you use these insights to be a better boss in 2017?

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