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(Time to read this blog article about 2 minutes) Whatever business you’re in, mediocrity is no longer an option!  Let’s face it; if we’re trying to stay in business by being mediocre, once our customers have been to Disney World, we’re doomed.  Once they’ve seen “amazing” and been treated wonderfully, we can’t fool them anymore. […]

(Time to read this article is about 60 seconds) Many of my coaching clients (business owners and managers) are hiding from something.  In fact, I guess we’re all hiding from something in one way or another. Some are hiding from ‘bad news’ by not paying attention to their financial statements, or to new competitors or […]

(Time to read this blog article is about 90 seconds) Everybody talks about ‘service’, customers demand it, businesses promise it, people write books about it….but nobody ever defines what ‘service’ is in any clear and meaningful way.  If we can’t define it, we can’t deliver it, because we don’t know what it is.  So, here’s […]

(Time to read this blog article about 45 seconds) I recently worked with a CEO who believed strongly in ‘consensus management’.  The problem is that no decisions were being made.  The 15 members of the management and supervisory group couldn’t all agree on what would be done, by whom, by when, measured how…so nothing got […]

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