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(Time to read this blog article is about 40 seconds) I love simple questions that get useful interaction going with Team members. Below are three such questions. My suggestion is that you type them out, give them to each Team member, ask them to think about them, come up with answers and get back to […]

(Time to read this blog article is about 30 seconds) While coaching an American client recently, the boss bragged that their company is ‘lean and mean’. This makes absolutely no sense…and I told him so. Sadly, we have 1,000s of businesses around the world bragging about being ‘lean and mean’. “We’re lean and mean, and […]

(Time to read this blog article is about 20 seconds) The real battle in business today is the battle to attract, retain and engage top performers. BrewDog, a Scotland-based craft beer company, announced that they’re giving their employees around the world one week’s paid leave when they welcome a new puppy into their lives. I […]

(Time to read this blog article is about 40 seconds) Whether you sell a product or a service, one of the most powerful marketing tools you can create is a compelling guarantee.  The right guarantee will do these 5 things for you. It will… Clearly differentiate you from your competitors, Make you memorable…and perhaps ‘famous’, […]

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